Water Droplet Makeup Sponge


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Teardrop shaped sponge is used best with liquid makeup, such as any liquid primers, foundations, concealers, eye shadows, or blushes. Primer, foundation, and blushes should be applied with the large base of the Teardrop sponge. Anytime makeup is applied to the forehead, cheeks, or chin, the base of the sponge should be used. Concealer and eye shadow can be applied and blended with the point or tip of the sponge. Conceal hard to reach spots such as the nose, corners of the mouth and under the eyes with the tip as well. You will find that the Teardrop shape is easy to hold and very ergonomically correct. Though the Teardrop sponge is most commonly used when wet, as it produces a less heavy, sheer finish; it can also be used dry with specific products that you may want heavier coverage, as with some concealers. Compare to the Beauty Blender Sponge Details You Need to Know Latex Free Non Allergenic Odor Free Smooth Suede Texture If properly cared for, can last up to 3 months

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